Stray Bodies

If you live in Malta and get pregnant, but you don’t feel ready to become a mother, you will have to travel all the way to Italy to get an abortion. If you live in Italy and want to become a mother, but you’re not in an official heterosexual relationship, you will have to travel to Greece to get in vitro fertilization. And if you live in Greece, are terminally ill and want to end your life, you will have to travel to Switzerland for euthanasia.

From Malta to Italy, from Italy to Greece, and from Greece to Switzerland, the main characters of this documentary cross borders and traverse Europe in order to exercise their human rights and control their destinies. Decisions they make about their own bodies, set them off on long journeys to overcome the often absurd restrictions and laws of their own countries. Like Stray Bodies, they travel by boat, car, airplane and train, dizzily crossing borders, highways, tolls, airports, harbors and train stations, on harrowing yet surreal journeys. They are all searching for answers to existential questions about – what else? – life and death…


Elina Psykou

produced by:

Elina Psykou, Jungle Films

co-produced by:

Antigoni Rota


Leonidas Liambeys


DocLab Italy, Red Carpet Films Bulgaria, Contrast Films Switzerland, Anemon Productions Greece, Long Run Productions, Frenel.

financed by:

Eurimages, Media, GFC, Italian Film Centre, Bulgarian Film Centre, Swiss Film Centre, Zurich Film Fund